What is Clubhouse? A Page-by-Page Walkthrough and What Marketers Should Consider.

What is Clubhouse?

How do you use Clubhouse?

  • Home screen: the first page you access when you open the application includes the main navigation and sub navigation to get started.
As of February 2021
  • Explore screen: (select the microscope on Home) organizes all the “search” functionality in one place; dig into the Clubhouse community to find people, topics, and communities that may interest you to follow. Click a follow or tag an alert to join them in the future.
As of February 2021
  • Events screen: (select the calendar icon on Home) see all the events currently happening and upcoming. Jump in and out of events/rooms (I’m still not sure which is correct, Clubhouse seems to use them both) as you please. Scroll into the future to see what’s planned, and set an alert if something catches your interest for later.
As of February 2021
  • Room screen: once selecting an event to listen to, this screen is your reference and navigation to that event (though this minimizes down to a simple room navigation bar if you want to keep exploring Clubhouse while listening). Press the “leave quietly” or peace hands to bounce out. Press the hand icon to join the stage to speak to the whole room.
As of February 2021

Why Clubhouse is picking up fast

Passive social media

The thinker movement

Not hiding behind an avatar

Good timing for a world craving connection

What Marketers Need to Consider

You need to tread smartly

Use your words wisely

Brands should look to creating intimate fan experiences



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